Heiress Beverly Hills Case Study

Popsixle helped Heiress Beverly Hills fix their poor performing Facebook Ads. In a competitive vertical of fashion, Heiress struggled to show a positive return with Facebook Ads. Popsixle showed a massive increase in ROAS and revenue performance in a very short amount of time with minimal account changes

How Heiress Beverly Hills Struggled with Facebook Ads

Heiress Beverly Hills is a clothing brand that appeals to 16-25 year old women who primarily use iOS devices to purchase their products online. Data showed that 92% of all their online sales originated from Instagram. After the iOS14 update was launched they saw a steady decline in overall sales and a massive decline in Facebook attributed revenue.

After countless Facebook Ad account changes, new creative, new content they needed something to help lift their Facebook Ads. After almost a year of showing a loss with Facebook Ads, they finally entered into the Popsixle pilot testing and saw immediate performance results.

The Story of Heiress Beverly Hills

Heiress Beverly Hills was made for women, by women to a luxury clothing brand. Heiress was born due to its founders' frustration with the fast fashion industry, the lack of high quality materials being used, and the constant need to have clothing altered to fit perfectly. Heiress is known for high quality fabrics and construction, with a fit that feels custom made, just for their customers.

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Overall Results

Popsixle Increased Revenue Fast

After just a few days, Popsixle increased the revenue volume by more than double what it had previously accounted for. This happened because Facebook was being provided a much larger amount of data being fed into its machine learning and more efficiently.

Over the course of the 30 day pilot, Facebooks purchase revenue grew a whopping 256% compared to without Popsixle!

99% ROAS Increase in less than 30 days

Popsixle increased ROAS performance with the Heiress Beverly Hills Facebook Ads in less than 30 days. This came from better more relevant data being delivered back to Facebook.

Because Heiress Beverly Hills customer based primarily used iOS devices to shop online, it caused a massive block to Facebook. Popsixle fed better quality and more quantity of data back to Facebook and made their ad account far more profitable by spending the same amount of money.

Popsixle helped drop the cost to acquire customers by 50%

In the 30 day pilot, Heiress Beverly Hills saw a 50% decrease in the cost to acquire customers. This was achieved by Popsixle feeding better data to Facebook’s Ads. 

During the first week Popsixle showed a huge decrease in the cost to acquire prospects. Clothing is a massive and competitive marketing online and Popsixle drove better data back to Facebook so its machine learning could deliver better more high intent ads to Heiress’s customer base.

By using Popsixle, Heiress Beverly Hills saw a massive 256% increase of revenue, a 50% lower cost to acquire new customers and spent the same amount of money on Facebook Ads compared to the previous 30 days prior to the pilot. 

This allowed Heiress Beverly Hills to make more data-driven decisions about their Facebook Ads spend. Popsixle has helped Heiress Beverly Hills to show profitability with Facebook Ads and scale once again.

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