Masthead Case Study

Popsixle helped Masthead show a positive return from their Facebook Ads along with helping their ability to measure results in a very short period of time. After two weeks of implementing Popsixle to Masthead's website they showed positive results from their Facebook Ads

The Challenges of Advertising with Facebook

Masthead Pink was new to Facebook Ads and started using them as a part of their digital marketing strategy in 2021. The challenge was they did not show a profit month over month and with the limited attribution credit Facebook faces now, it was even more of an issue to attack with a product that has very long purchase journey’s.

Masthead Pink’s digital marketing agency knew Facebook was responsible for some of the success to their online growth, but faced the same challenges of other online retailers. The issue was because of iOS14’s throttle on how Facebook was able to attribute Masthead Pink’s customer journey. This caused Masthead Pink and their agency to find a solution to show that Facebook was in fact a good marketing channel and a way to help it drive success.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in ROAS
Lower cost per purchase

The Story of Masthead

Masthead was started with one primary purpose: to provide women with comfort, support and dignity as they prepare for, undergo, and recover from surgery and other treatments. After working for many years as a physician, and after undergoing surgery herself, Johns Hopkins- and Harvard-trained Radiation Oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson made a discovery: While the surgeries and treatments for cancer and other conditions had rapidly evolved and, in some cases, been revolutionized, the recovery products available to women were still stuck in the distant past.

In 2011 she decided to change the status quo and improve the patient experience by designing a revolutionary new bra made of a soft, lightweight performance fabric that provides just enough compression and stays dry and fresh.

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Overall Results

Popsixle Boosted Masthead's Facebook Ads Fast!

Masthead's Facebook Ads just couldn’t show a value no matter the targeting, demographics and strategy. Popsixle helped provide a solution to Masthead's problem by feeding Facebook better data.

In the first several days Facebook immediately started to show an increase in ROAS. Over the course of the 30 day pilot Popsixle was able to increase their ROAS by 53%!

68% Increase in Revenue

In the 30 day pilot testing Masthead showed a whopping 68% increase in revenue from Popsixle being installed on their website and connected to Facebook. Because better data was being fed to Facebook their machine learning was able to deliver better and more relevant content to customers with a much higher intent to purchase Masthead's products.

Better data simply meant better more profitable results without having to further optimize Masthead's Facebook Ads. Installing Popsixle was like adding better fuel to a car.

Popsixle helped drop the cost to acquire new customers

In the 30 day pilot, Masthead saw a 22% decrease in the cost to acquire a new customer while maintaining the same ad spend. 

During the first week Popsixle showed a huge decrease in the cost to acquire prospects. After about 14 days the retargeting campaigns started to show a significant decrease in the cost to retain customers. Popsixle’s better data being fed to Facebook’s machine learning helped delivery more relevant content to its users causing the overall cost to drop by 22%

By using Popsixle, Masthead Pink saw a 68% increase of revenue, a 22% lower cost to acquire new customers and spent the same amount of money on Facebook Ads compared to the previous 30 days prior to the pilot. 

This allowed Masthead Pink to make better more data-driven decisions about their Facebook Ads. Popsixle has helped Masthead Pink to measure the impact of their bottom line revenue much more clearly and make financial decisions on how to manage their Facebook Ad spend.

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