Turn Your Data Into Better Ad Performance

Popsixle fixes the data you're sending to Facebook and Instagram so it knows who your best customers are. Scale your revenue with better audiences and conversion tracking.

Brands using Popsixle get: 
  • More conversions
  • Accurate attribution
  • Optimized audiences to scale their ads 

10-min install. 14-day free trial.

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Shopify Brands Trust Popsixle to Scale Their Ads


Send Better Data to Facebook

Popsixle sends more user-matchable parameters to ensure that the data can actually match back to a Meta user. We send more Facebook click ids with purchase events to fix attribution woes and re-route data from Shop orders and Subscription renewals to prevent over-counting.

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Auto-Optimize Ad Performance

The data Popsixle sends to Facebook and Instagram fuel its machine learning algorithms. If you're getting more than 50 conversions a week you'll see smarter auto-optimizations and better ad performance.

Create Better Audiences

When you send Facebook more complete data it can create better lookalike audiences. Now you finally have the missing piece to scaling ads!


Popsixle by the Numbers


Signals Restored


Managed Ad Spend


Avg. ROAS Lift

14 day

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L'Amarue lowered CAC 40% in 1 month


Stakt scaled revenue 35x in 3 weeks

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Bonamour grew to 2.9x ROAS

Trusted by top digital agencies, including:

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Track Your Purchasers.
Create Better Audiences.
Scale Your Ads.

Brands using Popsixle get: 

  • Better ad performance
  • More accurate attribution
  • Optimized lookalike audiences