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Struggling with Facebook? We get it…

Facebook ads used to be a huge win.

For years, Facebook and Instagram ads were the secret behind every growing business. With the power of machine learning, Facebook offered high performing ads with unmatched efficiency.

IOS14 impacts Facebooks ability to measure and feed data back into campaigns. Poor Facebook performance is now the norm.

Then iOS 14 hit Facebook.

Oof. When Apple changed data sharing with its iOS 14 release, Facebook’s machine learning system went on a data diet and ad performance tanked.

Popsixle is a gen 2 website pixel that installs CAPI with one line of code and helps brands restore ad performance to pre-IOS 14 levels.

Popsixle restores ad performance to pre-IOS 14 levels.

Popsixle makes it easy to share the right data with Facebook’s machine learning system.

Brands who use Popsixle see a 20% or greater lift in performance within 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What CMS platforms do you integrate with?

Popsixle works on Shopify, Woocommerce, Hubspot, and can be used for any kind of lead capture form. We are in the process of adding additional platforms so please let us know what you’d be interested in so we can better prioritize.

How do you determine pricing?

Pricing is based on the volume of events and revenue processed by your website. We have pricing tiers to support businesses of all sizes. See our pricing page for more info.

What is the process to get started?

Getting started with our free pilot is easy - we work with your team to gather the right account information and permissions, and then install one line of code on your website page template. Onboarding will take about 30 minutes of your time, and most brands go live within one business day.

Schedule a call to start your free pilot. If you’re interested in self-service onboarding, subscribe to our emails to ensure you’re the first to know when self-service goes live later this year.

I’ve already enabled the CAPI connector on Shopify/Hubspot. Will Popsixle do anything for me?

We’ve found that off-the-shelf solutions like Shopify and Hubspot’s CAPI integrations only send a fraction of the data that Popsixle sends. We’ve structured our 30-day free pilot to be the easiest way to see for yourself.

Where can I see the data Popsixle is gathering?

All data that Popsixle shares with your Facebook ad account are standard events that can be seen and utilized through Facebok Events Manager, Ads Manager, and Audiences. These server-to-server events show up alongside the standard web events sent from Facebook’s pixel. If you already have CAPI installed before adding Popsixle, you can see the increase in server event volume within Events Manager.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Popsixle has no long-term commitment and can be cancelled at any time. Our services are billed monthly, and cancellation occurs at the end of the current monthly term.

Why do you need Facebook partner access?

We require read only access to your Events Manager and Ads Manager so we can QA the Popsixle install as well as provide reporting to you on how Popsixle is impacting your Facebook/Instagram performance.

How is Popsixle different from CAPI Gateway?

Unlike CAPI Gateway, Popsixle makes the install process fast and painless. Our system is automatically configured to maximize the amount of data shared and the ad performance gains achieved. CAPI Gateway requires significant technical ability and time investment to get it up and running and to keep it maintained.

What size customers do you work with?

Popsixle has been effective in helping smaller customers who spend $5K per month on Facebook ads, all the way up to brands spending $1M or more per month on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Does Popsixle include “day of” reporting? Are you a reporting platform?

We currently provide weekly reporting updates during the 30 day trial so you can better understand the impact Popsixle is having on your business. Popsixle works to ensure that your ad account is performing optimally which can be measured through the reporting platforms you are already using.

What can I expect during the pilot?

Within the first day, you’ll be able to track an increase in event volume within the Facebook Events Manager. Within the first two weeks, Popsixle’s impact on Facebook ad performance is first felt by interest-targeting, look-a-like audiences, and prospecting campaigns. Typically by week three, Popsixle begins to positively impact retargeting campaigns. Performance will continue to improve over time as Facebook’s machine learning system continues to learn.

How is Popsixle different from the many attribution tools on the market?

Popsixle works alongside existing attribution solutions and doesn't compete with them.

Popsixle focuses on increasing and enhancing the real-time data that is sent to Facebook to help drive its machine learning engine and ultimately improve your ad performance. Attribution tools focus on processing rear-facing data to properly attribute sales to different channels within your marketing mix. While some attribution tools include features that send data back to digital channels, sending higher volume and higher quality data to Facebook in real-time is our entire focus and area of expertise.