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Brands are facing significant challenges

  • Less Data - Modern marketing ad algorithms require great data. But stricter privacy policies have led to less data and terrible ad performance.
  • More Costs - Brands are compensating for missing data by investing in creative and attribution. But now they are stuck on a content treadmill and have to make frequent, manual ad optimizations.
  • No Learnings - Meanwhile, every ad adjustment resets Facebook/Meta's Machine Learning systems. This prevents these systems from operating efficiently on a brand's behalf.

Popsixle fixes the root cause of data loss

Popsixle's server-to-server connection turns your eCommerce data into rocket fuel for Facebook's Machine Learning engines. We don't replace Facebook with a third-party system, we restore it fully.

Popsixle helps you unlock better performance with less time and effort. With fully restored Facebook/Meta capabilities, you can:

  • Make accurate auto-optimizations
  • Find your best customers
  • Deliver positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)



How Popsixle Helps


Solve the root cause of data loss

Popsixle is a premium Conversions API connection (CAPI) connection that maximizes the flow of information from your eCommerce site back to Facebook. The result? Better ad performance and accurate ad attribution.


Put Facebook AI to work for you

Brands that don't embrace AI are at risk of being left behind. Popsixle provides the data needed for Facebook/Meta’s AI and Machine Learning algorithms to function optimally. Let Facebook's auto-optimizations do the hard work for you.


Shine a light into the black box

The realm of ad tech, targeting, pixels, and attribution often seems like a complex, black box. Popsixle provides a transparent view of your data, your performance, and your attribution accuracy.



Stay ahead of data compliance

Data and privacy rules can be difficult to navigate. Popsixle ensures your data usage stays in line with GDPR, CCPA, and other data policies. Popsixle customers stay ahead of Meta/Apple platform changes with automatic codebase updates.

The Popsixle Difference


Usable Data

Professional-Grade Data Connection

Not all Conversions API (CAPI) connections are created equal. Popsixle is an upgrade to the standard Shopify CAPI with 1st party data, sent in real-time, that is 100% usable by Facebook. Enhanced data quality and match rates make Popsixle a trusted choice for $100K to $100M revenue/year brands.


Easy Install

Effortless Installation

Popsixle combines the efficiency of a professional-grade data connection with the simplicity of a straightforward, 10-minute installation. No technical expertise required. Data starts flowing immediately, offering a seamless and intuitive setup experience.


Platform Availability

Enterprise-Level Architecture

Our cloud-based enterprise architecture ensures operational stability and speed, 365 days a year. Popsixle routes data through our high-performance servers and ensures 99.99% uptime, even during peak periods like Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

"Hi, it's

Tech with a Human Touch

When you have questions, our customer support team is ready to help. You’ll get a response from a real person and we'll go the extra mile to make sure you feel well taken care of.


Unlock Superior Ad Performance with AI

- How Facebook's algorithm works
- How to take full advantage of AI


Facebook Attribution Accuracy Report

- Grade your FB account accuracy
- Make changes and monitor impact


Monthly Subscription with no Commitment

- Only pay for what you use
- Free 14-day trial


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you have a data loss problem?

If your ad account acts like a rollercoaster with huge swings in reported performance from one week to the next, this is a sign that you have a significant problem with data loss.

Is Popsixle an attribution platform?

No, Popsixle is a data processing service that gives Facebook the data needed for machine learning systems to auto-optimize and find more of your best customers.

Attribution platforms are built to give media buyers the data they need to optimize budget across their media investments.

Popsixle is a complement to platforms like TripleWhale, ensuring Facebook is running optimally, and Facebook reporting is accurate. 

How will I know if Popsixle is working?

Popsixle trials include access to automated pre/post reporting that will allow you to see performance trends across key metrics such as ROAS and Cost Per Acquisition after Popsixle was implemented. 

You will also have access to a real-time dashboard of the data that Popsixle is processing for you and being sent to Facebook. 

Fix Your Data Connection.
Lower Your Ad Costs.