Facebook ads need better data

Facebook was built to turn data into performance. Creative, attribution tools, and data modeling are all band-aids that try to fix the problem of missing data. Popsixle solves the root cause of signal loss and provides Facebook with the data it needs for your ads to run efficiently.

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Regain control of your data

The problem with Facebook's Events Manager is that it’s a black box. With Popsixle, you can gain access to all of your data, in real-time. You can see what data was shared, whether it was accepted, and what was included within the data payloads.

Get better ad performance

With restored website signals getting back to Facebook, your ad account gets smarter about who your best customers are. Popsixle unlocks improved performance, account stability, and the ability to efficiently scale your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What CMS platforms does Popsixle integrate with?

We primarily work with Shopify brands but Popsixle can also integrate with sites on Woocommerce. Only Shopify sites are eligible for our free 14-day pilot.  Please schedule time with our team to determine if Popsixle is the right fit for you and to confirm that your website qualifies for our free 14-day pilot.

I’m already using the Shopify-CAPI connection. Will Popsixle do anything for me?

Due to Facebook's own policies, any data that gets matched back to an opted-out user will get dropped/deleted. This happens when data is sent from any Meta app, the Facebook website pixel, or the Shopify-CAPI connection that Facebook maintains. By Facebook's own estimates, 60% of all data is getting dropped. With Popsixle, you are sending compliant 1st party data that is brokered by your own terms of service and not Facebook's. This is why data sent by Popsixle does not get dropped.

Where can I see the data Popsixle is gathering?

All data that Popsixle shares with your Facebook ad account are standard events that can be seen and utilized through Facebook Events Manager, Ads Manager, and Audiences Manager tools. These server-to-server events show up alongside the standard web events sent from Facebook's pixel. 

How is Popsixle different from CAPI Gateway?

Unlike CAPI Gateway, Popsixle makes the install process fast and painless. CAPI Gateway requires significant technical abilities, can lead to builds that are missing key data, and can cause website outages due to changes in sensitive settings like DNS configuration. Popsixle is the simplest way to get a powerful CAPI connection installed on your Shopify site. As CAPI changes over time, Popsixle will automatically update and maintain your connection.

What size customers do you work with?

Popsixle was purpose-built to solve Facebook signal loss for brands who generate between $10K and $10M in monthly website revenue. For Popsixle to work as expected, there’s a minimum volume of website signals needed to be sent - many brands under $10K in monthly revenue fall below that minimum. And for brands with more than $10M in monthly revenue, signal loss is less of a problem due to the massive scale of signals being sent.

Fix Facebook signal loss and get back to growing