Popsixle is a powerful CAPI solution for Shopify.

Popsixle was purpose built to be the most powerful Conversions-API connection for eCommerce brands on Shopify. With a 10-minute install, it's also the easiest Conversions-API connection to get started with. 

Key Benefits

Better data you can see

Popsixle sends better data back to Facebook and provides dashboards so you can see what data is being sent, what impact it’s having on your Facebook ad performance, and how accurate your Facebook ad attribution is.

better data you can see - Popsixle

Enhanced ad performance

Popsixle is purpose built to send rich, structured data back to your Facebook account. This data becomes real-time fuel for Facebook’s Machine Learning systems. When Facebook knows who your best customers, its algorithms work optimally across your bids, placements, and audiences with real-time auto optimizations.

Facebook Performance Improvements | Popsixle

Accurate attribution

As part of your free trial install, Popsixle assesses and fixes your Facebook pixel and data connections. This includes an assessment of your Facebook Attribution Accuracy, so that you can trust the data within your Facebook account, and scale your business confidently.

Facebook Attribution Accuracy | Popsixle

Popsixle Only Features


Purchase Routing Optimization

Popsixle has built an advanced system that routes subscriptions, FB Shop orders, and offline orders as distinctive purchase types. This maximizes your data within Facebook while ensuring accurate attribution of website purchases.


Smart Customer Matching

Popsixle turns bits and pieces of captured data into an optimally structured story that Facebook can match to its users reliably. This results in Facebook knowing who your best customers are so they can find more of the right people with your ads


Peak Data Quality

When it comes to data, longer shelf life isn’t better. Popsixle’s goal is to maintain and match your data in the optimal window of freshness: 7 days. Because Popsixle’s matched customers and ad attribution keys are refreshed weekly, you get peak ad performance and reliable attribution you can trust.


New and Returning Customer Segmentation

Use new events in Meta that track new and returning customers to help better train Meta's optimization engine and to improve your performance measurement .

Ecommerce Platform Compatibility



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Peace of Mind

With Popsixle your data compliance is one less thing to worry about

Send 100% of your site data to Facebook and Instagram | Popsixle

Share 100% of your site data with Facebook

Even if you've turned on max-data-sharing in your Shopify-Facebook sales channel, you are still dropping 60% of all data Facebook receives (read more here). Popsixle’s 1:1 data connection takes advantage of your own terms of service, allowing you to share 100% of your site data back to Facebook

GDPR and CCPA Compliant | Popsixle

Compliant with all data privacy regulations

Popsixle’s compliance team keeps a close eye on the changing privacy landscape. Not only does Popsixle ensure your data services comply with Apple, Meta, GDPR, and CCPA policies, but our team regularly publishes articles that outline how upcoming policy changes impact your brand.

Easy Install with Shopify | Popsixle

Painless, free Shopify install

Popsixle was built to be easy to install and and work with the way you operate your business. You won’t have to make any updates to your DNS settings, create a new pixel, or even modify how you use UTM parameters. Free trial installs can be done in as little as ten minutes


De-identified Customer Data

Popsixle uses SHA-256 encryption to de-identify all the data collected and shared with your Facebook account. This oneway encryption protects your end customer’s privacy and ensures your site if fully compliant with data privacy policies.

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Learn why Ecommerce brands choose Popsixle

  • Accurate auto-optimizations
  • Target your best customers
  • Deliver positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Cozy Earth regained trust in Facebook Attribution

  • +30% ROAS
  • +21% Spend per day
  • Excellent Attribution Accuracy

Unlock Superior Ad Performance with AI

  • How Facebook's algorithm works
  • How to take full advantage of AI

Have questions?

How is Popsixle different from the many attribution tools on the market?

Popsixle works alongside existing attribution solutions and doesn't compete with them.

Popsixle is a solution to signal loss and helps restore the flow of data between your website and Facebook. Once signal loss is fixed, Facebook's machine learning systems work optimally and it improves your ad performance and stability. Attribution tools can’t fix signal loss but can help measure the impact of your ads, including the improved performance that Popsixle causes.

How do I know whether I have a signal loss problem?

When a large portion of your website signals are being dropped, Facebook is forced to use data modeling to fill in the gaps. This results in very unreliable attribution and massive performance swings. If the attributed purchases in your Facebook Ads Manager are off by more then 30%, you have a signal loss problem. If your ad performance goes up and down with more than 50% swings over the course of a week, you have a significant signal loss problem.

What does it take to get started with a free trial?

Brands using standard Shopify stores are eligible for a free 14-day pilot. Book time with us if you have more questions, or click here to get started now.

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