Rebuild Trust in Facebook’s Attribution

Brands today have lost confidence in results presented in Facebook's Ads Manager due to overreliance on modeled data after the launch of iOS14.

Popsixle’s attribution accuracy report helps you determine the accuracy of your in-platform metrics and scale with confidence.


More about the Attribution Accuracy Report

The Attribution Accuracy report shines light into the black box that is Facebook’s attribution model allowing you to quickly understand if Facebook’s ad platform is taking an appropriate level of credit for your sales.

Get answers to questions like:

- Can I trust that Facebook is taking credit for the right number of purchases?
- Which of the Facebook attributed purchases came from ad views vs ad clicks?
- Does the number of purchases Facebook is taking credit for match what is being tracked by my Popsixle account?
- Did the account change I recently made help or hurt my Facebook attribution accuracy?

Sample Attribution Accuracy Report


How it works

The Popsixle attribution accuracy report compares data from your Shopify store and your Facebook ad account and analyzes the level of click ids present from your site visitors and from purchases made on your site. Based on these factors, the time-based visual shows an acceptable range of credit that Facebook should take. It further breaks down your results by letting you see the difference between a 7-day click attribution or one with a 1-day view attribution layered in. 

The Attribution Accuracy report will help you feel confident in the results you are seeing in your ad manager dashboard. This way, you can feel confident in your optimizations and budget decisions you make and allow Facebook’s platform to optimize your ads for the results you are hoping to see.


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