Credit Union in New England & Popsixle

Client - Credit Union - A1

The Problem

All Financial Service business are faced with a complex set of regulations when running digital marketing.  iOS14 increased these challenges by reducing the flow of data between websites and partners like Meta for one New England based credit union.  


The Solution

Popsixle built a custom solution that allowed tracking to work further down the funnel than ever before. The solution extended from the website, across to their credit approval partner. This created a continuous line of sight through the customer journey. Popsixle’s focus on privacy allowed them to send high-quality data back to Facebook, allowing them to reach a better, more engaged audience.

Client - Desert - A2
Client - Desert - A3

The Results

Improved on-site efficiency: 75% reduction in the cost per conversion

Increased activity: 250% increase in conversion volume

Improved off-site efficiency: 15% improvement in ad delivery costs

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