Desert Does It & Popsixle

Client - Desert - A1

The Problem

Desert Does It is a small company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their goal is to provide new and practical products for the enthusiast community—products that they themselves use and will last a lifetime. Desert Does It came to Popsixle looking to scale their Facebook Ads. Because of the restrictions from iOS14, Facebooks’ machine learning struggled to deliver relevant content to a competitive market online.


The Solution

Popsixle installed their software on Desert Does It’'s website and started sending higher signals and real-time site data to Facebook’s event manager. After 30 days of Popsixle being installed, they were able to reduce cost per purchase by 75% and increase their ROAS by 310%! 

Client - Desert - A2
Client - Desert - A3

The Results

310% increase in ROAS

75% decrease in cost per purchase

Fix signal loss today and get back to growing