Fulton & Roark and Popsixle

Client - Fulton - A1

The Problem

Fulton & Roark is a men's grooming company that sells high-quality, made-in-the-USA skincare and shaving products. Fulton & Roark came to Popsixle looking to scale their business in the face of softening performance on Facebook. Because of the restrictions from iOS14, it didn't allow their ad strategy to scale consistently and profitably.


The Solution

Popsixle installed their software on Fulton & Roark's website and started sending higher signal, real-time site data to Facebook. After 30 days of Popsixle being installed, they were able to reduce cost per purchase by 30% while scaling the budget by almost 350%.

Client - Desert - A2

The Results

350% increase in revenue

350% scale in profitable ad spend

30% reduction in cost per purchase


“CPAs are declining, and we're scaling up more efficiently than we have in a long time after utilizing Popsixle.”

Fix signal loss today and get back to growing