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The Ultimate Guide to the Facebook Conversions API

Written for Shopify store owners and marketers, this article provides a summary of best practices for managing your Conversions API connection.

If you are a Shopify store owner or e-commerce marketer who is interested in growing your business, developing a strong understanding of how the Facebook Conversions API works is critical. This article provides a summary of best practices for launching, maintaining and optimizing your Conversions API connection. 

What is the impact of iOS14 data loss on Facebook ads?

When iOS14 was released, it changed the landscape of digital marketing by limiting the amount of data Facebook receives from your Shopify store. In this blog post, we explore how iOS14 increased consumer privacy and how that impacted Facebook advertisers. Then dive into what solutions are available to marketers as they navigate the post iOS14 world of eCommerce.

What is a Conversions API (CAPI)? 

This is a great starting point for Shopify owners and digital marketers new to the world of conversion optimization. In it, we provide an overview of what a Conversions API is, why you need this type of server-to-server data connection to run successful digital marketing, and what your options are for setting up a Conversions API connection on your Shopify site.

Top 6 Conversion API Errors To Avoid

Conversions API installation and configuration is by no means an easy procedure. The Conversions API behaves more like a dimmer switch that needs sophisticated calibration rather than a simple on/off switch. Many Shopify owners and digital marketers find that their actual results are not what they expected after setting up their CAPI connection. In this article, we describe some of the typical errors marketers encounter, along with solutions.

Does Shopify's Conversions API Actually Help Facebook Ad Performance?

Among the solutions available to Shopify owners and digital marketers is Shopify’s built-in Conversions API. But this solution has some limitations that marketers should be aware of. In this post, we explain why Shopify's built in Conversions API doesn't solve the problem of iOS 14 data loss and how you can boost Facebook ad performance through your own CAPI integration.


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