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Facebook AI Success Requires Great Creative + Great Data

With the rise of generative AI, now advertisers can easily produce a high volume of great creative. But creative variations need to be paired with real-time data to unlock the full power of Facebook Machine Learning systems.

The Historic Problem: Expensive and Complex Creative Production

Historically, generating captivating creative content for Facebook ads was not just expensive but also required substantial expertise. Small business owners and DTC Shopify brands often found it difficult to allocate resources for high-quality creative assets, making creative the biggest bottle neck holding back their ad performance.

The New Opportunity: Generative AI Creative Production

Generative AI has revolutionized the way creative content is produced. Platforms like MidJourney (for imagery), ChatGPT (for text), and Soundful (for audio) have made it fast, easy, and affordable to produce creative assets. Resource-constrained brands now have the ability to produce more creative than ever, solving for the most important component in the eCommerce success equation:

  1. Strong creative
  2. Optimal campaign structure
  3. Compelling offer / landing page
  4. Accurate data stack

For many brands, the role and benefits of a great data stack is the least understood. Pairing abundant creative content with a powerful data connection is where maximum potential lies.


Tools like Midjourney make it fast and easy to generate ad creative and imagery. Above is the Midjourney prompt used to generate the image for this blog post.

The Missing Ingredient: A Real-Time Data Feedback Loop

While creative content fuels Facebook’s AI and machine learning systems, there is an equally crucial ingredient: a real-time performance data. This data is what provides Facebook's system with the feedback it needs to learn and optimize.

Popsixle ensures that Facebook receives the highest volume and quality of data possible. Unlike traditional methods, where up to 60% of pixel data may be dropped, Popsixle’s compliant 1st party data is 100% usable. This means that Facebook gains real-time insights into your site's activity and identifies which users generate the most revenue.

There’s one key reason why data is so important: Facebook's systems will optimize based on the data it has. Without data from your website, Facebook is constrained to ad delivery data such as impressions, dwell time in the newsfeed, clicks, and click-through rates. With a real-time feed of your website data, you enrich Facebook's data pool by extending ad delivery data with sales funnel data, like add-to-cart actions, purchases, and generated revenue. Great data will train Facebook's system to pinpoint customers likely to buy, not just browse.

Data-Powered Auto Optimizations:

With a strong data connection between Shopify and Facebook, all of Facebook’s AI and ML systems receive the feedback they need to automatically perform micro-optimizations in real time.

For example, if you have used Dynamic Creative to generate hundreds of image-text pairings for your latest ad campaign, performance data helps Facebook understand which creative version is driving the most revenue. Facebook learns and optimizes accordingly.

Additionally, if you are using any of Facebook’s AI and ML powered ad products like auto-bids, auto-placements, or auto-budget management, a powerful data connection ensures that Facebook’s learning and optimization process is seamless, unhampered by missing or incomplete data.


The advent of generative AI has addressed the historical problem of the high cost and complexity in producing creative content. However, to unlock the full potential of Facebook ads, this content must be paired with a powerful data connection. This combination enriches Facebook's data pool with sales funnel information, leading to precision targeting and optimized ad performance. To learn more about how to leverage Generative AI to affordably produce high performing creative, look out for our upcoming AI Creative Guide.

If you’re ready to supercharge your Facebook Ads with a powerful data connection, try Popsixle free for 14 days.

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