Fix Facebook and Instagram Attribution

Up to half your traffic can be from iOS devices, which results in data loss from Meta. This makes your ads to have:

  • Performance swings
  • Over-count conversions
  • A mismatch of attribution across Google Analytics, Shopify, and TripleWhale.

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Popsixle has helped 100s of brands fix attribution issues.


Enterprise Grade Server-to-Server Data Connection

Popsixle makes it simple to have an enterprise grade Conversions API connection, without spending big money or needing to write any code.


Purchase Verification with FBC Data

Popsixle captures, saves, and sends the Facebook Click IDs needed to verify Meta attributed Purchases. With Popsixle data, Meta can stop guessing and start providing accurate attribution.


Attribution Accuracy Dashboard With Daily Updates

Popsixle automatically merges data across your Meta, Shopify, and website traffic sources to give you a real-time view and historic view into your attribution accuracy.

Popsixle by the Numbers


Signals Restored


Managed Ad Spend




Avg. ROAS Lift


L'Amarue reduced CAC by 40%

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