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Popsixle 101 - Your Guide To The Basics of Popsixle

Popsixle 101 - Read this to quickly learn what makes Popsixle the best solution to begin fixing iOS14 data loss and get back to growing your business

What is Popsixle?

Popsixle is the easiest way for eCommerce businesses to boost their Facebook ad performance back to pre iOS14 levels. We restore the data that Facebook is missing from your Shopify store with a real-time, server-to-server connection. This leads to better ad performance, more accurate attribution, and a more stable and predictable ad account.

Why is Popsixle necessary?

Facebook drops 60% of the data from iOS14 opted-out users, impacting data from the Facebook pixel, Meta’s suite of mobile apps, and the Shopify Conversions API connection. Popsixle captures, combines and formats your data to be fully compliant so it’s no longer dropped by Facebook.

Popsixle is a real-time data connection that helps Facebook’s machine learning systems work better and boost your ad performance.

How do you know if you have a data loss problem?

If your ad account acts like a rollercoaster with huge swings in reported performance from one week to the next, this is a sign that you have a significant problem with data loss. Without all the real data from Shopify, Facebook tries to model the gaps, resulting in an attribution story that’s way too high or way too low.

How does Popsixle compare to TripleWhale?

TripleWhale is a data dashboard, while Popsixle is a data connection that sends missing information back to Facebook.

TripleWhale helps you make manual optimizations to channels and campaign budgets. Popsixle data helps Facebook make optimizations across real-time bids, creative versions, and targetings, through advanced machine learning.

For the best ad performance, use both Popsixle and TripleWhale.

What data does Popsixle send back to Facebook?

Popsixle captures data from your website (e.g. customer browsing information) and matches it with data from the Shopify API (e.g. order information). Facebook then knows exactly what was purchased and by whom so that it can optimize ads to find more of your best customers. This leads to better ad performance and the ability to scale your ads efficiently.

What performance improvements should I expect?

Popsixle helps hundreds of Shopify brands improve return-on-investment (ROAS), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and the ability to scale their ads. On average, brands see a 40% lift in ROAS, a 20% drop in CAC, and the ability to scale ad spend by 25%.

How does Popsixle’s 14-day free trial work?

Popsixle offers a 14-day free trial to all standard Shopify stores so that you can measure your own results. After the trial, continue to benefit from higher performing ads as a monthly subscriber, without any long term commitment. On average, customers paying $299/mo for a Medium tier subscription receive $15,000 or more of incremental revenue to their store each month.


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