How to Scale Facebook Ads with Popsixle and Social Bulldog

Learn from Dan Diaz of Social Bulldog on how to scale Facebook ads by using Popsixle to solve Facebook's signal loss problem

Check out this podcast with Dan Diaz, founder of the performance agency Social Bulldog, and Noah King, co-founder of Popsixle.


Dan worked at Facebook/Meta for 8 years on the auction team before starting his own agency. He now uses Popsixle on his entire client roster to restore signal loss and help grow his clients’ businesses with Facebook ads.

In this discussion, we cover the power of a great media partner and a great data partner to be successful with Facebook ads in the post-iOS14 world. 

  • What causes Facebook signal loss and how can it be solved?
  • How does data modeling help and hurt your Facebook ads?
  • How can you lower performance volatility and get back to scaling your business?
  • What are the roles of data and creative when scaling revenue with Facebook ads?


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