New Popsixle Feature: Measure Facebook Attribution Accuracy

Popsixle’s new Attribution Accuracy Dashboard provides businesses with a confident understanding of Facebook attribution, enabling them to better navigate and optimize their ad campaigns.

Understanding the discrepancy between actual purchases and the purchases Facebook’s claims credit for is a common challenge. Popsixle's new Attribution Accuracy Dashboard directly addresses this issue. By tracking Facebook click IDs across the consumer journey, Popsixle forms an accurate estimation of site visitors and purchases that originate from Facebook/Meta ad clicks. This expected baseline of purchases for which Facebook should take credit is then compared with the actual attributed purchases, displayed as two lines on a time-based graph.

Reading the Attribution Accuracy Report

The accuracy dashboard will show up to 30-days of data. Note that this data is only available from when Popsixle was first turned on. This graph has two lines:

  • Purple Line: Shows the percentage of site traffic and purchases tracked by Popsixle associated with Facebook click IDs (FBC). This represents the percentage of total purchases that we expect Facebook to take credit for.
  • Blue Line: Shows the percentage of purchases that Facebook claims credit for. These values are synced daily from your Facebook Ads Manager account and represent the actual purchases Facebook attributed.

A wider gap between these two lines indicates over-attribution by Facebook, while closely correlated lines imply more accurate and trustworthy reporting.

The Value of the Facebook Attribution Accuracy Report

The ability to visualize and compare these data sets offers businesses several significant benefits:

  1. Assess Attribution Accuracy: By comparing the expected purchases with the actual attributed purchases, you can immediately see if there is a discrepancy. This visualization is not just informative, but it is the first step in regaining control of your ad account.

  2. Eliminate Inaccuracies: Once you are aware of any discrepancies, you can make precise adjustments to your Popsixle account settings. This fine-tuning process is key to ensuring that your Facebook/Meta ad account is attributing purchases accurately.

  3. Make Data-Driven Decisions: With accurate data at your fingertips, you are empowered to make smarter decisions. You can optimize your ad campaigns based on actual performance and be confident that the changes you make are founded on solid data. This allows you to adapt your strategy in real-time, reacting to trends and opportunities as they emerge.

  4. Optimize Facebook’s Machine Learning: Popsixle's Attribution Accuracy Dashboard not only provides you with insights for your decision-making but also ensures that Facebook’s Machine Learning and auto-optimizations are functioning at their best. The data Popsixle sends back to Facebook provides the algorithms with a more accurate view of customer behavior and can, therefore, make more informed optimizations on your behalf.

Unlike solutions that aim to replace Facebook/Meta's attribution, Popsixle focuses on improving it. This leads to better ad performance, greater clarity and control, and a higher return on ad spend.

The Facebook Attribution Accuracy report is part of Popsixle's core service and is available today. If you want to enhance your understanding and control of your business's Facebook advertising, reach out to our team to try Popsixle with a 14-day free trial.

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